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Chefs Recommendations

Chicken Tikka Masala

Prepared in a delicate herb and spice, tomato, dry fenugreek, cashew nut sauce, simmered in butter and cream.

Butter Chicken

Grilled chicken cooked in a cashew nut tomato & butter sauce.

Methi Malai Chicken

Mild malai chicken tikka cooked in a cream sauce & fenugreek leaves.

Pepper Chicken Chettinadu

Chicken cooked in south Indian style rich aromatic curry made from black pepper, onion, coconut, curry leaves and ground spices.

Kerala Chicken Roast

Marinated fried chicken sautéed with spices and onion coconut based think sauce.

Dum Ka Murgh

Chicken slow cooked in sealed pot with fried onion paste, chopped tomato and masala.

Vartharchu Kozi Curry

Chicken cooked in a roasted ground coconut paste and spices.

Lamb Saag

Healthy option.
Lamb cooked in fresh spinach with handpicked spices.

Southern Railway Lamb

A special flavoured curry from southern Indian railway canteen; lamb cooked with potato spiced with curry leaves and pepper powder infused with coconut milk.

Alleppey Fish Curry

A traditional home preparation curry of Kerala, Sea Bass cooked in special Kerala spices with coconut milk and tempered with fresh ginger, garlic, mustard & fenugreek.

Sea Bass Moyli

Sea bass fillet cooked in coconut milk stew tempered with mustard seeds, sliced onion, tomato and fresh curry leaves.

Salmon Mirchi Masala

Salmon cooked in North Indian style spicy tangy flavoured sauce with bullet chilly.

Malabar Prawn

A traditional Kerala style curry; Prawn cooked in sweet and sour thick coconut sauce tempered with mustered and curry leaves.