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Curry, Traditional Curries, Bangladeshi, Indian
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Classic Favourites


A very mild spiced dish cooked in coconut cream and butter.
From: £6.45

North Indian Jalfrezi

Slightly hot & spicy dish prepared with onion, fresh green chillies, green and red peppers.
From: £6.45

Garlic Chilli

Simmered in a thick, medium spiced sauce flavoured with chilli and garlic.
From: £6.45

Rogan Josh

Popular Kashmiri dish cooked with onions, tomatoes and aromatic spices.
From: £6.45


Sweet & sour, hot dish consisting of lemon juice cooked in a thick lentil sauce.
From: £6.45


Healthy Option.
Lightly spiced fenugreek flavoured spinach sauté with crushed fresh garlic and healthy herbs.
From: £6.45


A hot, sweet and sour dish prepared with garlic onion and variety fresh herbs.
From: £6.45


Creamy sauce of ground almonds, sweet yoghurt and flavoured with Malibu Caribbean Rum.
From: £6.45


A tasty condensed onion and tomato based thick sauce with additional ginger & garlic.
From: £6.45


A medium sauce with diced onions, mix peppers and tomatoes finished with fresh coriander.
From: £6.45


Cooked with fresh ginger, garlic, mix bell peppers, chopped onion and crushed spices.
From: £6.45


Cooked in a special blend of herbs, peppers, spices along with diced onions and hint of tomato puree.
From: £6.45


A traditional tomato based curry sauce, coconut cream and added Kashmiri red chilli powder making it a very hot dish.
From: £6.45


A Goan speciality; very hot curry cooked with potato and malt white vinegar.
From: £6.45